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The Sandy Koufax Monument
The Sandy Koufax Monument

Located outside one of the main entrances to Dodger Stadium, this dynamic monument to Sandy Koufax captures him just before he is about to make one of his legendary pitches. While Sandy Koufax's legacy as a pitcher is unparalleled, he is also remembered for refusing to play on the first day of Yom Kippur. His character on and off the field inspired not only the Jewish community, but also multitudes of Americans across the country.


The granite mound upon which he stands chronicles Koufax's pitching accomplishments, awards, and some of his own words, inscribed on the side of the base: “As teammates, we were bound together by a single interest and common goal.  To win. Nothing else mattered and nothing else would do.”


sandy koufax sculpture

Listed below are some of the resources, talented individuals, and groups whom each had a hand in helping to birth this monument:


"Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy" by Jane Leavy


The Koufax Family
Sandy Koufax

The Dodgers Organization
Janet Marie Smith

Lon Rosen
Susan Perrin
Emily Walthouse
Mark Langill

Kelsie Ange

Amber Castillo

Gianna Danese







Artworks Foundry

Coldspring Granite

Mia + Lehrer & Associates
Nabih Yousseff Associates
Younts Design
Satellite Models
Cleveland Marble & Mosaic Company
Crane Rental Service
PCL Construction
Akin Gump LLP
Colin Nitta

Marie Claire Casimir
Natasha Singh

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