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Sandy Koufax Statue Unveiled by Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium Entrance

Sandy Koufax Statue Unveiled in Ceremony at Dodger Stadium

Dodgers Unveil Sandy Koufax Statue at Dodger Stadium

A Civil Rights Memorial in Alabama Expands to Document Lynching Victims' Stories

New Sculpture Arrives at Memorial for Peace and Justice

EJI Announces New Expansion of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice

CBS News

09.26.2017  article by Vladimir Duthiers with 2:33 min. broadcast video segment

Philadelphia Unveils Its First Statue of an African American, Civil Rights Activist Octavius Catto


09.26.2017 article by Allison Meier

A Voice of Harlem Is Remembered

New York Times


Dodgers Debut Commemorative Jackie Robinson Statue on Jackie Robinson Day

NBC Sports

04.15.2017 article by Ashley Varela

Jackie Robinson Statue Unveiled by Dodgers at Dodger Stadium

ABC News

04.15.2017 article by Doug Padilla

Oakland Sculptor’s Statue Captures Jackie Robinson’s Fiery Spirit

San Francisco Chronicle

05.01.2017 article by John Shea with 2:31min. video

Push for More African-American Monuments Grows Amid Confederate Statues Controversies


09.28.2017 article by Chauncey Alcorn

Octavius Catto Statue: Nineteenth-Century African American Leader Finally to be Honored

The Inquirer

06.10.2016  article by Stephan Salisbury

A Monument at Last for Octavius Catto, Who Changed Philadelphia

The Inquirer

09.25.2017 article by Stephan Salisbury

Black History Still Needs to Be Made


02.09.2018 essay by Natasha Singh

Early Civil Rights Activist Octavius Catto Gets A Statue


08.19.2017 audio and transcribed interview of Dan Biddle by host Scott Simon

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. – Statue in Harlem


02.17.2017 1:47 min. video

Dodgers Celebrate, Appreciate Jackie's Impact


04.15.2017  0:59 min. video

Shaping History

Oakland Magazine

05.16.2017  article by Catherine Brozena

The Sculptor and the Scholar - Branly Cadet 101

The Philadelphia Sunday

10.13.2017 article by Kendall Alexander

Oakland Sculptor Branly Cadet Explains His Jackie Robinson Statue

SF Gate

04.30.2017  2:30 min. YouTube video

Memorial to Octavius V. Catto at City Hall Brings Cheers, Songs, and Rifle Salutes from Ancient Muskets


09.27.2017  article by Roberta Fallon

Statue of Jackie Robinson unveiled at Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles Times

04.15.2017  article by Bill Shaikin and Mike Digiovanna

Unveiling of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Statue 

Harlem Heritage Tours

02.17.2005  8:44 min. video by Harlem Heritage Tours

Jackie Robinson Statue

LA This Week

05.08.2017  2:04 min. video by LA This Week

City of Philadelphia Unveils Octavius V. Catto Memorial

Philadelphia City Council

09.26.2017  32:23 min. video by Philadelphia City Council

Jackie Robinson statue unveiled at Dodger Stadium


04.16.2017  1:15 min. video and article by Doug Padilla

Octavius V. Catto Design of Sculpture Unveiling in Philadelphia


06.24.2016  26:40 min. video by WURD of Press Conference

A Joyful Philadelphia Welcomes the Octavius Catto Memorial

Apple News

09.26.2017  article by Christopher Norris

Backstage: Jackie Robinson Statue Unveiling

SportsNet LA

05.2017  7:16 min. video by the Backstage Dodgers on the Making of Jackie Robinson Statue

Cadet on Sculpting Robinson

New York Yankees

04.15.2017  0:32 min. video by MLB

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